Melba "Olde Tyme" 4th of July Car Show


Car Show Award Categories!

Best in Show

Best Paint

Best Engine

Best Survivor

People’s Choice

In all honesty the Melba “Olde Tyme” 4th of July car show is not in competition with the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. It is highly unlikely (though not impossible) Jay Leno will attend and make a “must have” offer for your vehicle! What we offer is more of a small-town America 3rd Street Baptist Church type of car show. We offer 5 trophy’s the value of each about the cost of a quality can of wax, or priceless bragging rights, however you look at it. The trophies are for “Best of Show”, “Best Engine Display”, “Best paint”, “Best Survivor”, “People’s Choice. The judges don’t know everything about your vehicle (we don’t even know everything about our own vehicles) but “Best of Show” is going to go to something outstanding! If you painted your prize and joy with rattle can black primer and ran out you won’t stand a chance for “Best Paint”. “Best Engine Display” could be a Model T Ford or a street rod with a belt driven supercharger; if the judges can’t decide we may revert to a coin toss. “Best Survivor” is offered for those cars that haven’t been restored, we don’t expect the paint, engine, or anything else on your 1937 DeSoto Airflow with original tires to look like new. It’s a survivor after all. Will we give our friends special considerations? We don’t even have any friends, we’re judges after all! What we offer is for $5.00 a safe place to park your vehicle and a chance to win a trophy. If we see a clueless parent hoisting a three-year-old with a grape snow cone into your car for a photo op we’ll be there instantly; and that’s the truth! 


Car Show Sponsored by Country Repair and Towing

Country Repair and Towing has a brand new Rotator.  Come and check it out in person on the 4th of July.

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